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josifek_portrait-copyOur names are Alisha and Jeff and we live in the gorgeous (but wet) Pacific Northwest.  We have a three year old son together and Jeff has two daughters, ages fifteen and seventeen, from a previous marriage.  We also have two very fuzzy Malamutes that our son keeps trying to ride (we don’t let him.)  Jeff teaches Medical Laboratory Technology at Portland Community College and Alisha works part-time in Salem as a clinical laboratory scientist.   We have the shared hobby of fusing glass and have had some of our pieces in local galleries.
Our blog is to help chronicle the process of our adoption and organize the various random bits of information running through our brains.  So far, we have found the adoption process to be a complex journey that provokes introspection and some hair pulling.  I mean how many sets of fingerprints do you really need?  Obviously government agencies do not believe in sharing.  Comments are always welcome.


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  1. paige
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 03:09:42

    Hi Alisha! It’s nice to meet you by email. Thanks for your blog! We have been working with Adoption Avenues since March and signed the contract about a month ago. We are still waiting for immigration approval (the wait is terrible!). I have tried to join the Adoption Avenues yahoo group but I haven’t been able to get invited (I sent the request from the yahoo groups website twice but it timed out after two weeks in both cases). I would love to get more involved. Do you know any way I can get invited to the group or maybe I could contact the moderator directly? Thanks! Paige

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