Time for School

The Big Boy

My baby is growing up.  Caden started preschool today and it is a bittersweet feeling.  On the one hand it is exciting to see him growing up and on the other hand it makes me feel very melancholy.  I also know that the time is coming where I won’t be able to protect him anymore.  I won’t be able to fix things with a kiss and hug.  Where did the years go?  I chose not to start him last year because:  1) I think it’s more important for him to be with me at this point in his life and 2) Coordinating preschool with my work schedule is a large pain in the butt.

We had the opportunity to go to an orientation day last week and I felt better after watching him in the classroom.  It’s hilarious how egocentric kids are at this age.  His teacher has been teaching preschool for 17 years and seems like she pretty much has it all together.  My biggest worry was his inability to sit still but it looks like they’ll do a good job keeping his attention.  My other fear was that he would be the biggest kid there but that fear seems unfounded as well.

I used my time to pick up a few items (alone!) at the store and even found a few things for his birthday and Christmas.  I’m a little sad but I guess I’m going to have to adjust to having a big boy.  As I walked out of the classroom today I heard the teacher saying “It’s not time for that.  Sit down on your bottom please.”  I knew exactly who she was talking to.