Off to Ethiopia!

Just a quick post for anyone who still reads my sporadic entries.  We are leaving for Ethiopia Friday July 30th.  We got an email about 5 pm last Friday that said we had a court date of August 5th.  We’re going to go meet our little girl and take a peek at Addis abeba.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that the chance of our passing court and getting approval from MOWA is very slim.  Sigh.  What this means is that we will have to make an additional trip to Ethiopia later this year.  The rest of the bad news is that the cost for two tickets to Ethiopia with less than a weeks notice was astronomical!  Please don’t talk to me about waiting for a travel agent to book an adoption fare.  If I would have gone ahead and booked them I would have saved beaucoup ( a lot!) bucks.  Oh, well I am slowly letting that one go.  I have so many emotions flickering through me right now and wish I could settle on one.  My biggest worry right now is leaving my boy for 2 weeks.  Working on that.




My heart is sore, as the time clicks by it looks less and less likely that we will travel before courts close.  I keep getting told to have faith but the truth is that particular commodity is in short supply right now.  My husband the proverbial pessimist has already given up hope on traveling before court closures.  Not traveling means that it will probably be October before we hold our daughter for the first time.  Caden keeps asking me when we are going to go get Baby Sissy and I keep trying to explain to him that we have to wait until they tell us we can.  Obviously, he just doesn’t understand this and sometimes neither do I.  His latest thing is telling me to call “them” so we can go get her.  Oh boy, the little guy is tenacious…Hmm, wonder where he gets that one.

We have slowly trying to get the house in order for the new arrivals.  Not only are we getting ready for Baby Sissy but Big Sissy as well.  My oldest stepdaughter is moving up with us to go to school at PCC this fall.  At this point we’ve given up on putting the mythical room in the garage and have settled for working with the space we have available.  This has meant going through a lot of crap and bed swapping.  Caden has been moved from the crib/toddler bed to the girl’s bunk beds.  Dad is in the process of making this into a castle bed and I’ll post a picture when he finishes it.  Ash will now have a daybed (much more grown-up) with a trundle for when her sister comes up.  The crib is being relocated to our (extremely large) bedroom.   I wish I could say I was done but I’m still not there yet.  I think I need a deadline to perform more effectively.

I’m tired of feeling so emotional…Tired of jumping when the phone rings…Tired of thinking of our little girl in an orphanage for two extra months.