The Sweetest Things

We received an update on our little peanut about a week ago and I’ve been showing off the pictures like crazy.  Today I had the photos sitting on the kitchen table when Caden came in and saw them.  He carefully picked up a picture and then said, “I love her.”  So sweet, it’s one of those Mommy mushy moments.  Later, we were playing at the park and he took off for the edge of the playground.  When I asked him what he was doing he said, “Picking flowers for you.”  Wow, two mushy mommy  moments in one day.

We are hoping to hear something this week about our court date.  I think that this particular waiting period is one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced.  It’s like being a little kid right before Christmas but someone keeps changing when the packages are going to be opened.  There are so many variable up in the air and so many things that can’t be done until I know when we are going.  We have started packing and collecting donations but still have a ways to go.  I’ve been having problems with insomnia because my brain will not shut down at night—It just keeps chattering away about all I need to do.  Arrgh!  Getting the update just made the anticipation worse.  Anymore, I’m not sure whether to pray we get the call or pray that it holds off a little longer so that I can get a few more things checked off my to do list.

We did receive our travel vaccinations and opted to get the typhoid, yellow fever and adult polio vaccinations.  Since we are planning for a long stay we decided it would be better to cover all our bases.  The nurse at the travel clinic told us the most injections she’d given to someone at one sitting was eleven.  Ouch!  Luckily we’ve all had the Hepatitis A and B series.  She also offered us the rabies vaccination series for $600.  We decided to pass on that one.  Caden was a trooper and held very still for his shots and only got a little teary eyed.  For some odd reason the child has been asking to get a shot for the past couple of weeks.  Hmm…don’t think he’ll be asking again anytime soon.

Here’s hoping for long and pleasant dreams.



Can I Do A Little Planning Please?

I am a planner.  I think part of this is an inherent trait and over time has been helped along by my environment:  working rotating weekends, having stepchildren on alternating weekends, etc.  Get the picture?  I have to plan my life or chaos slowly starts to erode what little order there is.  Now I have the adoption to contend with.  Okay, I knew when I went into this that most of it was going to be out of my control (Okay, confession #2 I like to have a little control over my life.  I’m not all control freaky but I like steering…a little.)  I knew that certain areas would be more challenging for me.  I procrastinated my way through paperwork and then waited PATIENTLY for my referral.  Yes, I said patiently.  I was actually surprised that the call came as soon as it did.  I had just started to get a little antsy.  The night before we got our referral I was going to post on one of my groups asking who was waiting and when they had submitted their dossier.  It was late, I was tired and decided to wait; the very next day we received our referral!  Coincidence or cosmic intervention?

This current wait is driving me freaking nuts!  What wait?  Why the wait to find out about when our court date is.  With the policy changes we are trying to go and stay in Ethiopia for 6-8 weeks—this makes life a little complicated.  The most I’ve been able to get out of our adoption agent is that you usually hear about the court date 6-8 weeks after accepting your referral.  Okay, we have to be in Ethiopia 6-8 weeks or we hear about a court date in 6-8 weeks???  He wouldn’t answer that question.  Then to complicate matters further there is the minor matter of elections occurring in Ethiopia.   All I want is to be able to line up a pet sitter but it’s really hard when you’re talking in maybes….Sigh.  I’d also be able to book the accommodations I’ve researched and book airline tickets.  Rant over.

What about the baby you ask?  Well, I’d really like to hold her too…