Sucker Holes

It’s spring now in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and sucker holes are quite prevalent.  What are sucker holes you ask?  Sucker holes are what an acquaintance of mine calls those beautiful blue skies with clouds around the edges.  Spring fever lures you out to frolic and then the weather suddenly changes and you have a downpour, a hail storm, etc.  Get the picture?

I think life, and international adoption in particular, is sometimes like this.  Everything is going along well and then something happens:  The car breaks down, the dishwasher breaks, the country you’re adopting from changes their policies…All are fixable, just bumps in the road, but are unexpected and can leave you frustrated.

We’ve hit a couple sucker holes lately that have left us scrambling for solutions.  I recently had my hours reduced at work because of budget cut backs and we found out that we are going to need to make two trips to Ethiopia.  I’m going to practice some restraint and not post about my frustrations with work.  As far as the changes to the Ethiopian adoption process, I realize that change was needed…I just wish they had a longer time line before being implemented.  I’m sure we’ll come up with some solutions; it’s just unfortunate that both of these changes affect us financially at this particular time.