Double, Double Toilet Trouble!

My son has been potty trained for about 18 months or so and generally things are pretty good.  Now I’m only called to do the occasional bootie assist (it really is hard to balance on the potty) instead of diaper detail.  Lately, Caden’s been a bit of a stinker at his baby sitters and we’ve been reminding him when he’s dropped off to “be good.”  To hopefully help reinforce this he occasional gets a reward for behaving appropriately.

Well, the last time we told him that if he was good that Daddy would take him swimming.  He LOVES going swimming with Daddy (Mommy will go sometimes but she hates all the stinky chlorine.)  So, I guess our little man thinks on his feet.  He had a poo accident and instead of telling the babysitter what happened…Yep, you guessed it, he flushed his underwear down the toilet!  Now, he wouldn’t of gotten into any trouble for having an accident but I have to confess to being amazed at his ingenuity.  Of course, his sitter noticed the minor detail of his not having any underwear and let us know what happened.  Amazingly enough, the toilet seems to have survived!  Daddy is really thankful about that!