The Chocolate Thief

For Valentine’s day my sweetie got me a small box of Godiva chocolates–Yum!  I put them in the fridge because of the ant problem we’re having.  Well, someone else found them them and decided they were pretty tasty and ate ALL of them.  Good thing I love him more than chocolate!



For the Moment

I am happily ensconced in the waiting phase of the adoption–no fuss, no muss and no forms to complete.  Our dossier was registered mid-January and I know it’s just a matter of time…and I have more than enough to keep me busy.  I’ve been working on some sewing projects as the little boy gives me a free moment (really shouldn’t he be able to play a little more independently by now???) and it’s good to feel the creative juices stirring again.  I started out researching ideas for little girls’ room but somehow have ended up making two blankets for Caden instead.  Of course since I started multiple projects neither one of them is quite finished yet.  Sigh, maybe tomorrow.  Caden is growing so stinking fast and I’ve become so aware how little time I have left with him as a “little” boy.  I tend to do things in phases and my sewing phase has been on hiatus for a long time–well over a year.  So, now I’m trying to make up for lost time.  I’ll post a picture of his baby snake blankie…it would probably be done by now if he hadn’t decided he had to have bugs on it too!  It’s pretty cute if I say so myself.  Of course it might also be done if I had gone with a pattern and hadn’t decided to design something myself.

I’ve been doing some more blog reading lately and have run into some blogs of transracial adoptees.  Most of it doesn’t make for lite reading and many of the issues, while thought provoking, are disturbing.  Makes me wonder what the hell I was thinking.  I’m not changing my mind but it just brings to mind so many other issues I didn’t think about.  My world is so very white:  White family, white friends, mostly white community.  Ergh!  Gotta work on this.  The big problem is that I am a quiet, reserved person with a small group of friends.  I don’t really go much for the big circle of casual friends.  This is not the only concern just one of the more glaring ones in my little world.  So, waiting is good, I’ve got a lot to do.


Baby Snake Blanket