After a lot of debate we finally decided that we needed to get a different vehicle to fit our increasing family.  Our current vehicles will only seat 5 people max and that just isn’t enough.  Ash will be living with us next year and Jen will be up on weekends…So, we need something that will seat 6 people and 2 ninety pound dogs.  Yikes!  I guess we’re becoming a large family.

Ok, there really aren’t many vehicles that fit the bill (most just aren’t big enough.)  A minivan was considered and quickly discarded–little small.  We didn’t want a 15 passenger van–too much room for growth 🙂  After doing some research we found that the choices were Suburban, Excursion and Yukon XL.

After some rather painful used car shopping, we are now the rather sheepish owners of a Suburban.  Yeah, I always used to make fun of people who drove these gas hogs…now I’m going to be one of them.

Our new wheels




I’ve reached a point where I am tired of looking in the mirror and seeing how round my face has become.  Since I’ve had Caden the pounds have slowly been sneaking up to me and adhering to various parts of my anatomy.  One part in particular needs to shrink back down so I can actually find fitted shirts that fit.  We all gain it in different places ladies.  That’s not the only place I’ve gained weight in–just the most obvious and annoying.

I have a couple big motivating factors to change lifestyle and loose weight:  1) My husband has lost over 50 pounds.  2)  I don’t want to go to a country where people are starving in my current state of roundness.  It just doesn’t seem right.  I had lost 6 pounds before the holidays started.  I ended up gaining 2 pounds back over Christmas but have lost that.  So, now the goal is 1-2 lbs per week…Seems like a reasonable goal.  I just want to be able to look in the mirror and see the face I remember.  Oh yeah, some better muscle tone would be good too.

I am writing this post to help keep me honest and motivated.  I will try to update with progress once in a while.


Holiday Cheer

You know, if I ever actually wrote half the posts that are running around in my head I’d be a pretty good blogger.  Unfortunately, I never seem to find the time…or I just don’t make the time.  Somehow, when I started out I thought I’d be better at this.  It’s probably the procrastinator thing coming back to haunt me again.  I’ve got some stuff cooking in my brain…we’ll see if it ever makes it to the blog.

We had a good holiday and managed to celebrate not once, not twice but three different times with various branches of the family.  I was starting a little burnt by the end.  I am grateful that I had Christmas off this year and got to spend it with loved ones.  Caden was super funny this year.  The little stinker changed his Santa List on us about a week before Christmas.  What did he want?  Why a bug cage and a light saber.  Yes, a little last-minute scrambling for these reasonable wishes.  He was so excited about Santa Claus coming that he had a really hard time going to sleep Christmas Eve.  We made cookies and he decided that we had to leave 3 cookies and milk for Santa.  We also left our magic key (it only works for Santa) outside before going to bed.  It was really cute.  I love this age and the way his mind is making connections.

We picked up the girls on the 26th and had our final celebration of the season with Jeff’s family.  The little guy was so excited to have his “friends” back.  I decided we needed to start a new holiday tradition because I want the younger kids to have memories of the older ones.  So, they made a ginger bread train together.  It was just a kit but they had a lot of fun–assembling and eating!  I managed a few pics before its rapid demise:


Ash gave Caden an icing mustache

Gingerbread Express

Gotta love it.  I’m not sure which of the kids enjoyed eating it more.


Officially Waiting

So, after investigating some large fedex charges on my account I found that our dossier arrived in Ethiopia on December 28th.  Yeah!  It’s finally there…at this point I am just relieved that the only thing I have to do now is wait.  Hmm, let me rethink that…we still need to clean out the garage and make another bedroom out there.  Yikes, I guess we still have plenty to do.  I so don’t want to tackle the garage.  I am a procrastinator and so is my darling husband.  This is not a good combo.  Gotta work on this…maybe tomorrow : )