Still Waiting

A couple weeks ago I dropped our dossier off at our agency with everything but my husband’s birth certificate.  I had somehow not connected the fact that because he was born in California the birth certificate would have to be authenticated there.  Duh.  Oh well, I sent it off by express mail and thought it shouldn’t take more than a week after I sent it…I even sent an express mail envelope back with it to send it directly to AA’s office.  Well, the secretary of state’s office received the package on November 18th–the day after I sent it.  It was just put in the mail on December 7th!  Really?  That long to authenticate a document?  I know that I was the one taking my time with this but I have to say my timing really stinks!  To top it off my adoption agency is closed this week (for a very well deserved break).  Guess I am only patient on my terms.  Sigh.



Amazing Little Minds

My son is growing so fast–it amazes me.  He’s big for his age and I’ve had people think that he is a year or two older than he is.  What really blows me away though is the way his little mind is accumulating knowledge and making connections.  He has started assigning emotions to our reactions:

Me:  If you broke them Mommy would be sad.

Caden:   Mommy be angry too.

Pretty astute for a little guy.  He has even been a bit more nuturing lately and is putting his beloved dinosaurs to bed before he goes to sleep.  Kids really are amazing at this age.

We have been talking to him about having a little sister for awhile and have some children’s books about being a big brother.  He is still extremely jealous of my holding any other child but is warming up to the idea of having a little sister.  He has decided I can hold the baby as long as I hold him first.  Hmmm, not sure how well this one’s going to work.  He told me the other day that sissy can play with his toys.  I gave him lots of praise for being willing to share.  I then asked him what little sissy’s name is going to be and he promptly responded “Ellie.”  I was a little floored by this initially but he has been naming everything in the past couple days .  Since we are still undecided on a name maybe I’ll call her this for now.  My husband then asked him where little sissy would live.  Caden said “with sissies.”  We asked him with Ash and Jen and he said yes.  I can see how in his mind this would make sense since his big sissies live with their mother.  Still, it’s amazing the connections they make…