Prineville Reservoir on a Sunny Day

Prineville Reservoir on a Sunny Day

Well, I’ve been a bad blogger; it’s been about six weeks since my last post.  A lot has happened since then!  Three people in my Adoption Avenues group have passed court!  Emily and Mona now are legally the Moms of sweet little girls and Meg is the proud Mama of a handsome little boy.  I am so happy for all of them!  Adoption can be a long and sometimes painful process and it it wonderful to see the happiness produced by all that time and effort.

On the home-front things are progressing.  I had to go back in to the USCIS office and be refingerprinted at the end of April.  I was really bummed at the time because I knew that it would set us back about a month and I was right.  We received our approval letter almost a month to the day : )  So, I suppose most people would be rushing to get their dossier to Ethiopia at the point–I’m here to buck the curve!  My logic (or emotion) is this:  We are now going to hit court closure for sure, even if we receive a referral and I have always know that the hardest part for me will be sitting at home looking at pictures of my daughter.  I do not want to extend the amount of time I’m sitting here waiting.  So, while most of my dossier is ready to go I’m not rushing to get the last pieces together.  I will send it off in a couple weeks and then hope we don’t get a referral right away.  Opposite of the usual, huh?  It makes sense in my brain anyway.

The past few weeks have been really hard for me.  I think it’s been a combination of things:  having our USCIS approval delayed, gray gloomy weather, getting sick, work, etc.  It’s been very odd; I’m usually a very even keel kind of person and I’m not usually prone to depression.  I withdrew from the adoption group and pretty much everything else.  Oh well, the sun has come out and my mood has improved drastically.

I have been amazed at how my son is developing!  Wow, you can almost see the little stinkers’ mind developing.  The other day I put him in a timeout.  He was standing there in the corner and soon he started saying he had to go poop.  Hmmm, I wasn’t sure I believed him but didn’t want to take any chances.  So, after about 30 seconds more I let him go and talked to him.  I then asked him if he had to go to the bathroom.  He said, “No!” and ran off…The little fart.  He really is to smart for his own good.  I don’t think I’m looking forward to this one being a teenager : )